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Welcome!LM Fitness offers free consultations to discuss YOUR goals and how to achieve them.

Our 1:1 & small group training sessions are tailored to each individual, and our main client base is women, as we are female trainers, so clients feel safe & comfortable.

Specialising in weight loss, tone, fitness, pre/post natal, injury rehab & postural alignment training.

You can split the cost with friends using our small group sessions.

If you do not see a convenient time available, please email us.
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Lesley Morrison
Personal Trainer
A fully qualified Level 3 Personal Trainer with a number of years experience within the Sports and Fitness industry. For a full list of qualifications visit www.lmfitness.info

Please read the Terms of Booking prior to confirming your sessions:

Terms of Booking

1. Your first consultation will be free of charge; at this point we discuss health issues, goals, motivation, exercise history and current fitness levels. If necessary we will conduct any health or fitness testing relevant to you & your goals.

2. To secure the days/times you wish to train all sessions should be booked in advance, LM Fitness cannot keep time slots available on the basis that you MIGHT want a session.

3. Block bookings MUST be paid for by cheque or cash in advance or at the very latest by the end of the first session.

4. In excess of 24hours notice is required for any session cancellations. Failure to notify LM Fitness within this term will result in a cancellation fee or the session being forfeited. Exceptions may be made in medical emergencies, this is to the discretion of the trainer.

5. The session will be deemed to have started at the pre-arranged time, any lost time due to late arrival or late start, will not be made up at the end of a session. If the client arrives more than 20 minutes late for a scheduled appointment, the appointment may be forfeited, this is to the discretion of the trainer.

6. Participants may be required to have medical clearance if deemed necessary by their PAR Q and health history information.

7. Each block booking package has an expiration date for the sessions. Any sessions that remain after the expiration date will be forfeited:

1 session: 2 weeks from date of purchase

3 sessions: 4 weeks from date of purchase

6 sessions: 8 weeks from date of purchase

9 sessions: 12 weeks from date of purchase

12 sessions: 15 weeks from date of purchase

8. Client referrals will be rewarded by way of discounted session prices. You will receive a 5% discount for every 1 (one) person you refer who books session. If you refer 5+ clients to LM Fitness you will receive a Free 60 minute session.

9. Price lists are updated every 3 months, and your trainer will advise you on any changes in session prices 1 month in advance. You will receive anew copy of any amended price lists with the quarterly Newsletter.

10. Refunds are not available without an authentic doctors letter to state you are unable to take part in any form of physical activity. If you should sustain an injury please immediately contact your GP for documentation. If you do incur an injury, you may freeze your sessions and resume once fit & well.

11. LM Fitness cannot be held responsible for any injury incurred during training if the participant has not completed the relevant PAR-Q documentation truthfully. All medical conditions and/or current or previous injuries should be discussed.

12. In the event of the trainer falling ill or being unable to instruct the session will be cancelled and re-arranged. In such instances the trainer will endeavour to give as much notice as possible.

13. Participation in any exercise programmes prescribed by LM Fitness is deemed as acceptance of these terms.

14. Failure to comply with the above terms on more than three separate occasions may, to the discretion of the trainer, deem your sessions as void and non-refundable.

15. Any complaints or grievances, or alternatively comments or testimonial should be emailed to lesley@lmfitness.info

16. All information held by LM fitness is done so under the Data Protection Act 1998. Clients have the right to request any information held by LM Fitness for a fee of 10.00.

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